Viral Video: Dog Spotted Travelling On Roof Of Moving Car In Bengaluru

An undated video of a dog sitting on top of a moving car on a Bengaluru road is gaining traction on social media. The clip was shared on Twitter on Thursday by user Forever Bengaluru. It showed a brown-collared dog patiently standing on top of a moving car, before perching on the car roof.

“Just Bengaluru things,” read the caption of the post, which has accumulated more than 149,000 views and nearly 1,000 likes and comments.

NDTV cannot independently verify the authenticity of this video. But the viral video has left internet users furious and has ignited a debate on road safety and animal abuse. Twitteratis were quick to criticise the driver of the car for putting the dog in danger.

“What concerns me is that the dog is collared, which means they probably own the dog and have placed it on top of the car. Posing a hazard on the road and to the traffic,” wrote one user. “He can be booked by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals),” said another.

A third user commented, “Definitely wrong thing to do .just because an animal can’t speak does not give us any right to put the animal in risky situations ….the car driver must be suitably advised.” A fourth added, “People who do not know how to treat pets should be banned from having them. I am so disturbed to see this; the poor animal would be terrified . Would he dare do this to his son or daughter?”

One user even pointed out that the vehicle’s number is visible. The user tagged Bengaluru City Police and asked them to warn the driver for putting the dog’s life in danger. Another Twitter user asked authorities to take strict action against the man. “This is cruel to treat a animal like that,” the user wrote.



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