Condom Floor Polish Manufactured By Floor Polish Maker

When you here the word “Condom” the first thing that jumps to your mind is “protection during sex.” But that has changed because home-based floor polish makers are now using condoms to make floor polish because it makes the floor shine better.

Bulawayo24News reports that floor polish makers are reportedly using condoms when “cooking” their product because they become a “high shine” floor polish.

The report says condoms replaced what was the popular ingredient, empty Sta-Soft containers because of the long lasting shine they produce as well as easy accessibility.

A floor polish maker who feared being identified thinking that she could be arrested (which won’t happen anyway) told B-Metro that the formula was arrived at after years of trying different plastics in the cut-throat home made floor polish industry.

“There is stiff competition and one has to make sure she makes polish which is easy to apply and shine. Someone recommended use of condoms and it proved to be very good compared to plastic containers,” she said.

“Condoms are quick to melt and  stick to the floor which is good. Ever since I started using this new ingredient, my clientele has increased and I know it is because of these condoms,” she added.

The floor polish maker also observed that condoms are cost effective as an ingredient for floor polish making.

“When making polish, we always want cheap and readily available ingredients. To get profit one has to buy tar and paraffin,” she said.


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