Florida man burns his massive Yeezy collection worth $15K to protest against Kanye West (video)

A Florida man has burnt 10 pairs of Yeezys to protest Kanye West anti-Semitic remarks.

The man identified as Danny Shiff recorded a video of the burning and shared it online.

“Adidas has finally woken up and dropped Kanye West. So here I go burning my ninth pair,” said Shiff in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Shiff owns 45 pairs of the rapper’s sneakers. He said he bought them for his children and some for himself. And now, he won’t be wearing them anymore.

“I got upset. He made all these antisemitic remarks,” Shiff said.

Shiff, who is from Israel, said the rapper has been spreading hate even long before these racial slurs were made towards Jewish people.

He said: “When someone with a platform as big as West, uses it to spread hate, it is unacceptable.”

Shiff said he will be donating triple the value of the shoe to charity.

“For every shoe I burn, two new shoes will go to charity. They will get new shoes or the money,” he said.

Watch a video of the burning below.

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