Indian man beaten up by woman’s husband for sending her ‘I like you’ text message, police react

A Twitter user from Punjab, India on Tuesday, July 19, asked police for help after he was beaten up for sending a text message to a married woman saying that he liked her.

In the now-deleted tweet, the man, Sushant Dutt claimed that he was beaten up by a man for sending an “I like you” message to his wife.

Sushant further added that after the incident he was worried about his safety and therefore appealed to the Punjab Police to save his life.

“Sir I send “I Like u” message to someone, her husband came and beaten me badly yesterday night, even I apologise again and again. But now I m worried about my Safety, plz do the needful, plz help and Safe my life, Today they might attack again.” he wrote.

The Punjab Police took note of the incident and responded to the man with a jibe.

“Not sure what you were expecting on your unwarranted message to a woman, but they should not have beaten you up,” the police said.

“They should have reported you to us and we would have served you right under right sections of law. Both these offences will be duly taken care of as per law!” it further stated.

The Punjab Police in another tweet asked Sushant to visit the nearest police station and lodge a complaint.

The post has since garnered several likes and comments. Netizens took to the comments section to share their opinions about the incident.

While some lauded the police’s reply, others wrote how the reaction from the woman’s husband was not appropriate.

Indian man beaten up by woman

Indian man beaten up by woman

Indian man beaten up by woman

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