Indian Man Commits Suicide After His Boss Asks Him To ‘Send Wife For A Night’ If He Wanted A Transfer

A man in India has set himself ablaze and died of first degree burns after his boss told me to send over his wife for a night if he wanted a transfer.

The man who was an employee of Uttar Pradesh power department died by suicide after a senior official asked him to “send his wife for a night” if he wanted a transfer, reports India Times.

Gokul Prasad, a power lineman at the Palia power station of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) in Lakhimpur Kheri, accused a junior engineer (JE) of harassment.

Gokul became distressed and poured diesel over himself outside the junior engineer’s office in Lakhimpur and set himself on fire. He was transferred to a higher medical facility in Lucknow, where he succumbed to major burn injuries.

Before setting himself on fire, the UP man recorded a video against Junior Engineer.

He mentioned that Junior Engineer and his touts demanded his wife in return for the transfer. He said, “I also complained to the police station, but nothing happened.” 

Gokul Prasad, 45, was deployed as a lineman in the power department for the past 22 years. 

Gokul’s family members have also issued a complaint against the accused and corroborated his claims.

Gokul’s wife spoke to reporters and said her husband was under immense tension because of the JE he was working with.

Gokul had even complained to him at Palia police station, but no action was taken.

The deceased man’s wife added that no one came forward to help him. She said, “The junior engineer stood there and watched.”

SSP Sanjeev Suman noted on Monday, “A lineman who immolated himself died during treatment in Lucknow. A video recorded by the lineman has surfaced in which he was leveling allegations against a senior.” 

Officials in Lakhimpur Kheri said that the JE, identified as Nagendra Umar, and another department employee were suspended, and a departmental probe was launched against them. The police are now investigating the matter, according to India Times.

This is not the first strange suicide story recorded in India. There was the case of an Indian man who committed suicide with his 11-year-old daughter months after his wife took her own life.

There was also another case of an Indian medical doctor who committed suicide after she was accused of causing the death of her patient.

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