Shop Owner Terrified as Two Fighting Bulls Crash Into His Shop, Ransack Grocery (Viral Video)

In case you missed this video you can watch it now. It shows an epic fight between to bulls though in the wrong venue.

A viral video shows the moment two bulls that were fighting in a street in India took their fight into a grocery store, trapping the shop owner while they ransacked the store as part of the brutal fight.

Though the video was posted two months ago, it is still terrifying especially as the man tries to scare the two bulls away using a plastic chair.

Bulls, cows and pigs move freely and calmly in the streets of India, especially Northern India because they know they won’t be killed and eaten. These animals are used to human presence and traffic movement in India and don’t ordinarily react and are considered benign. But there are rare incidents of violence among them just like is seen in this video especially when they engage in fights among them. Cows are considered by a section of the Indian society as a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. This is why you find them roaming the streets calmly and fearlessly.


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