Woman who makes jewelry out of semen says “the process literally stinks”

A Canada-based jeweler claimed that she creates necklaces and bracelets from semen sent to her by clients for their spouses.

Clay sculptor and jeweler Amanda Booth revealed last month that she started making what she calls “j–zy jewelry” in 2021 after someone commented on one of her TikToks, asking whether she ever considered using “man juice,” in her creations, reported VICE.

After making a half-joking post about the request on Facebook, Booth and her husband began receiving actual requests.

Booth explains that hundreds of clients have since messaged her asking for special pieces. However, the process isn’t exactly pleasant.

“Fresh samples are one thing, but when they’ve been in the mail for a little bit, I mean … it smells like semen, you know what I mean,” said Booth.

“We process them at the end of the day — otherwise, we’re sitting in the smell all day and it’s just … We did it in the morning one day and it was just like, ‘No, I’m never doing that again.’”

Booth posted her first video of her making sperm-based jewelry last month and it went viral with 5.8 million views.

According to Booth, the semen must be dehydrated and powdered, then added to wearable clay beads or trinkets.

She found that a teaspoon of sperm along with the clay polymer was the way to make a perfect sculpture.

Booth said that for a lot of her customers, the jewelry is kink-related and that items such as bracelets and other semen-based items act as “collars.”

“After researching further into the J–zy Jewelry shop, we both thought it would be the ultimate ‘you are mine’ type ‘collar’… It would be our little secret and inside joke,” said Booth, who added that she is “loosely part of the BDSM community.”

Many viewers of Booth’s TikTok have commented on jewelry expressing their curiosity, as well as poking fun at it.

“Oh my god, I love your bracelet. What is it?” one user suggested an admirer could ask and to which they would respond: “My unborn children.”

“Imagine 75 years from now finding a necklace at goodwill and not knowing it has this in it.” quipped another.

“A new meaning for a pearl necklace,” a user laughed. Another seemed to embrace both sentimentality and humor, writing, “I’m carrying your love with meee.”

“Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should,” one detractor weighed in.

Despite several people poking fun at Booth’s business, a 2011 study — done by Psychology Today — confirmed that semen has anti-depressant properties and alleviates stress.

In a follow-up video with 721,000 views, Booth showed off her new, finished ring and ankle bracelet.

She expressed surprise — while barely suppressing a chuckle — that she “nailed j–zy jewelry on the first shot,” adding that she could “pretty much incorporate anything into the clay and for jewelry.”

(New York Post)


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