Angry Nigerian Fans Become Pig Hunters, Threaten To Kill Any Pig They See Over Wrong Prediction By Mystic Marcus The Psychic Pig


Some boys have turned pig hunters in Anambra State. Why?

Following Super Eagles exit from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Tuesday evening, some angry Nigerian fans in a community in Anambra State took off the next morning with dangerous weapons in search of pigs. They vowed to kill any pig around. Their reason was that popular Mystic Marcus the Psychic Pig had predicted that the Super Eagles will progress to Semi Finals of the tournament with Argentina but the Nigerian team got knocked out on Tuesday June 26 by Argentina.

According to reports, the angry boys who had relied on the prediction are warning everyone who owns a pig to keep them out of sight because all pigs must pay for the deception of Mystic Marcus. One of them who shared this story online was reported to have lost some money in an online betting platform after placing a bet based in the prediction by Mystic Marcus.

The boys said they will remain pig hunters for the next couple of days.

Mystic Marcus The Psychic Pig


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