Canadian band performs record-breaking concert below sea level

The Shaft Bottom Boys (Canada) have officially taken the title for the deepest concert underground after playing a concert at 1,893.8 m (6,213 ft 3.05 in) below sea level at Vale’s Creighton Mine in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario.

The achievement took place on 7 March 2020 as part of a dual fundraising effort between Science North and Vale.

50 people were in attendance including Creighton mine workers, media, Science North board members as well as a Guinness World Records adjudicator and brand representatives, all of whom were required to wear full protective gear before going down into the mine.

After a 50-minute performance, official adjudicator, Kaitlin Vesper, announced the exciting news to the Shaft Bottom Boys and presented them with their record holder certificate.

“Working for Guinness World Records, I get to meet a lot of very interesting people and travel to some interesting places but can confirm I haven’t been anywhere as interesting as Creighton Mine or been this far below sea level before,” said Kaitlin.

“We love to showcase the stories of these incredible individuals and it shows their creativity and imagination and I think the ‘Shaft Bottom Boys’ are no exception in what they achieved here today.”

The performance was a huge hit amongst audience members who could be seen toe-tapping, dancing and shouting for encores throughout the performance.

(Guinness World Records)

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