Man Attempts To Flee In Pickup Van Hooked To Tow Truck, Watch What Happens Next (Video)

A man who attempted to flee in his pickup van that was hooked to a tow truck has ended up in police net on charges of theft.

The Florida man had fallen behind on payment for the Pickup so it was about being repossessed before he pulled the failed stunt.

Yohanys Lopez, of Homestead, discovered earlier this month that a repo man’s tow truck had hooked up his Ford F-250 and had hoisted the rear wheels off the ground preparing to haul it away.
Lopez had fallen behind on his payments, according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.
He lied to the tow truck driver that he just wanted to take a few items out of the pickup before it was towed.

As Lopez jumped in the cab, he fired up the pickup and attempted to drive it away ― while it was still attached to the tow truck, according to “Inside Edition.”
The four-wheel-drive pickup lifted the tow truck’s front wheels off the ground but couldn’t move any further.

“That was a first — never seen one of my trucks go up the air like that,” the tow truck driver told “Inside Edition.”

Lopez, 31, was arrested a few minutes later and charged with grand theft and criminal mischief.

Rigo Herrera, who co-owns Specialized Towing with his brothers, said the incident was definitely not a normal day on the job.

“Things like this happen that just don’t happen all the time and definitely not to that extreme,” he told CBS Miami.

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