Man with two working penises says women didn’t believe him until they saw them

A man with two penises has opened up about his experiences about living with the unusual condition.

The truck driver from Los Angeles, known as Tank, had diphallia, meaning he had two penises. While this might seem like a gift, it wasn’t as good as you might imagine.

I suppose it might be handy if something happens to one of them, you have a spare just in case. However, there are a lot of potential problems which could arise out of this highly unusual condition.

Peeing must have been a nightmare. Some men have enough trouble aiming accurately with just one, two would be a whole other level. Not fun.

However, for Tank, the condition, which affects about one in five million, also had an impact on his sex life. He shared his story with the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly.

You might imagine that having two would make things a lot more exciting in the bedroom department, however, for Tank’s partners it was often unpleasant or awkward during the act.

While it could be possible to use both, this could be painful, and having the other one just there could be uncomfortable for them and Tank.

Indeed, Tank said that many women didn’t even believe him. After spending eight years in a juvenile detention centre from the age of 16 for manslaughter, he was determined to enjoy life when he got out.

He said: “Women didn’t believe it when I told them I had two d****, but then I took them to the room they’d see.”

Not only that, but Tank revealed that even when only one of the two penises was in use, he would still ejaculate out of both, with the one not in use feeling like it would ‘explode’.

Despite the situation being uncomfortable for many partners, Tank revealed that at least one was thrilled by his extra appendage, with Tank saying she became ‘hooked’.

Tank said: “She wanted to be a porn star and she wanted us to do a video together. I probably would have made a lot of money.”

Although some partners enjoyed Tank’s double endowment, in the end, he decided it would be a better option to have one of the penises surgically removed.

Diphallia is a genetic condition and can have a lot of implications outside of what you can see externally. While the condition is treatable, it can lead to other pelvic health complications.

For Tank, the best decision both for himself and his future partners was to remove one penis.



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