Jordan Restaurant Offers Nap Opportunity For Those Who Eat High-Fat National Dish Mansaf

Customers of a restaurant in Jordan are receiving offers for an extra service that could make them more comfortable while enjoying a meal.

The restaurant is offering its customers an opportunity to take a nap after they eat Mansaf, the country’s national dish, according to Arab News.

Mansaf is considered ‘a heavy meal’ for many and causes drowsiness due to its high-fat ingredients. So, the Muab restaurant in Jordan’s capital Amman has installed beds so customers can sleep after eating the dish.  So far, the lovers of Mansaf were forced to only eat the dish at home where they can have a quick nap.

“The idea to put beds in the restaurant started as a joke and decoration to reflect the sleepiness Mansaf eaters experience after they have the high-fat meal,” Musab Mubeideen, son of the restaurant’s owner, told Arab News.

He said that some customers had asked the restaurant staff “to put beds” because they felt sleepy after eating the dish.

“So we brought beds and set them up in a separate section in the restaurant. Customers now really use them for a quick nap after they have Mansaf,” Mr Mobeideen added.

He said that Mansaf is a fat-laden meal cooked with lamb meat, rice and jameed (ghee). “These ingredients put together are just a recipe for sleepiness and total tiredness.”

The bedroom prepared by the restaurant has an air-conditioner and is also quiet, offering Mansaf-lovers a good napping opportunity, said an outlet.

The restaurant is named after the ancient Kingdom of Moab in Jordan’s southern city of Karak and only serves Mansaf.



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