Fishermen stunned to find gigantic sex toy inside catfish they caught (Photos)

The fishermen noticed strange lumps on the catfish’s belly that shouldn’t have been there (Image: Facebook)

Two fishermen were stunned to discover that some strange lumps on a fish they reeled in was actually a huge sex toy it had swallowed.

Richard Kesar and Jon Hoop from Indiana, US discovered the big brown dildo at home when they were cleaning the catch.

When Jon landed the catfish at a river in Lawrenceburg, the first ever blue catfish he’d hooked, the pair initially assumed it had swallowed some eggs or a smaller creature.

However, when they prodded the fish’s bloated belly they felt two hard objects which didn’t feel like anything typically found in a fish’s diet.

“We noticed when we got it in the boat that its stomach was huge,” Richard told WTTV-TV.

“We decided to cut it open, and we found the foam ball, part of a fish, and the other object.”

The “other object” was in fact the large plastic phallus.

Richard and his wife had to act fast to ensure their three-year-old daughter didn’t see the dildo (Image: Facebook)

Richard shared snaps of the raunchy haul on Facebook, alongside the caption: “Well we had a pretty interesting fishing trip this morning, we noticed the stomach was hard but didn’t expect this to come out of it.”

(Daily Star)


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