Hilarious Photos of Africans Learning How To Climb Buildings After Migrant Rescued Dangling Boy


After a 22-year-old herioic Malian immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama, received French citizenship for climbing an apartment building in Paris to save the life of a dangling 4-year-old, photos have surfaced online showing Africans expressing their apartment climbing skills in case they need citizenship of any country or they want to become famous.

The Malian also met with French President, Emmanuel Macron, at the Elysée Palace who commended his heroic efforts before revealing that Mamoudou will be granted French citizenship and enrolled as a firefighter in the French fire service.


These photos trending online are showing how some Africans including Nigerians are replicating the heroic man’s style when he rescued the dangling child from a balcony.


These unidentified Africans are seen hilariously attempting to perfect their building-climbing skills in case there is opportunity for them to become famous and hopefully get international recognition and get rewarded through such means.

Hilarious indeed.

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