If You’re Given This Yam Tuber As Gift In the Village By Someone Who Lives Near A Shrine, Will You Accept?

In this new yam celebration season, people are handing over all manner and sizes of Yam tubers as gifts to friends and loved ones.

But wait o! The concept of “village people” requires these days that you think again before making decisions on village related matters.

Just look at this brand of yam tuber here. If it’s given to you in the village as gift from someone who lives near a shrine, would you accept?

What do you think about this yam tuber?

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  1. i will not accept that yam because it looks like human leg, is not ordinary and most especially is from someone living close to shrine

  2. Haaaaa noooo…….. Biko I like my life

  3. Hmm.. We’ll cook it and eat together..

  4. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    I will collect because what is in me is more than what is in the person. Just cook it, pray and eat.

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