Man fake tans to impress date – but it goes so wrong she cancels meeting and blocks him

Darren fell asleep and the tan set in (
Jam Press Vid/@grumet_benidorm/@dazza_bigdogbenidorm)

A bloke has left people in stitches with his fake tanning fail that resulted in his date blocking him. Darren, 48, from Middlesbrough, was sunning it up on a holiday in Benidorm and decided to give himself a bottle-kissed glow ahead of his night out. Unfortunately, he fell asleep after applying the tan and woke up to a ‘bizarre’ shade of orange.

In a panic, the 48-year-old then rushed to try and scrub it off his face but it was too late as the tan had set in – with some comparing him to a character from hit ITV show ‘Benidorm.’

“I couldn’t believe the colour I went, I tried to wash it off but I had no joy at all,” said Darren.

“I asked the women next door how could I wash it off and they said it would come off after in the shower but it didn’t.

“My date text me asking if everything was okay for the date so I told her about what happened and she blocked me. A few days after it started going orange and even my beard changed colour.”

Darren, or ‘Dazza’ as he prefers to be called, and friend Graham share their holiday antics regularly online and can be found on TikTok under the username @dazza_bigdogbenidorm.

The pair previously went viral after clip they shared about how much cheaper it is to spend your time holidaying in Benidorm rather than living in the UK.

In one of the multiple videos, which have racked up more than 868,000 views on TikTok, Darren is sitting on his balcony while applying the tan to his face.

In the next video, pal Graham reveals Darren has fallen asleep and a third clip shows the newly-awoken Brit on his bed, laughing.

Sadly however, his date reportedly “blocked” him after he told her what happened.

It’s unclear whether the tanning fail was a prank, but social media users have still been left in stitches at the incident, with some people comparing Darren to Madge from the show ‘Benidorm,’ who is known for her extremely tanned skin.


Others said the pair are a “liability” and admitted the likeness with the Benidorm character was there.

One person wrote: “You two are a liability, I’d love a holiday with yas.”

Referring to the TV show Benidorm, someone else simply wrote: “Madge.”

“It’s giving Mick Garvey when he arrives at the airport in the Christmas special series of Benidorm,” said a third.

Darren was not able to remove the tan, despite advice offered by some of his fans, and is now currently walking around Benidorm with an “orange” face.

Darren has admitted he has now bought wig and a hat to try and disguise himself.

He added: “My mate said there was no point in staying in and hiding so we decided to go out. But because of some of my viral videos from Benidorm, I have a lot of people wanting pictures with me, So to disguise myself I bought a wig and put some sunglasses on but I am still getting spotted.

“I have just decided to leave it now as there is nothing I can do. It’s been an eventful week and I’d never use that stuff [fake tan] again.”

(Daily Mirror)


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