Masquerade mercilessly flogs gospel preachers in viral video

In case you missed this video, well it is going viral again. It is an incident that happened sometime in the past in Anambra State, Nigeria when a masquerade was captured on camera flogging a group of preachers in the streets.

Reports say the masquerade and the supporters were probably angered by the presence of the preachers during the celebration of a local festival involving parade of masquerades.

Unfortunately for the preachers that was the day they also set for their evangelism and they came face to face with the masquerade.

The video shows the masquerade approaching the preachers wearing yellow apron and begins to flog them.

As the preachers were flogged they are seen in the video running into the bush to escape the wrath of the masquerade.

The young men who make up the masquerade’s entourage can be seen in the video cheering him as the flogging continues. There is a second masquerade at the scene but he does not  join in the flogging.

This particular church is not for wearing yellow apron for identification and many of their members were involved in the one-sided clash with the masquerades. The incident happened three years ago but the video is still very intriguing.

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