Naked teacher caught having sex with a building as he exposed himself to residents

Jesse Schroeder was seen by several shocked neighbours completely naked

Members of the public and police alike were left shocked after they saw a local male teacher completely naked and having sex with a building in Pinellas County, Florida

The teacher has been arrested after he was spotted flagrantly committing sex acts against a building.

Local news channel WFLA confirmed from his arrest documents that 39-year-old Jesse Schroeder that has been listed on the Pinellas County School’s website as a social studies teacher at Florida’s Carwise Middle School.

According to documents from the Pinellas County Sheriff Office, Schroeder’s deviant sex acts were first spotted by his neighbour.

The teacher was found wearing no shirt, with his trousers and pants pulled down. Schroeder is reported to have been parading his private parts around a residential condominium complex in Palm Harbor.

Florida police were alerted to the scene by multiple worried residents who could see Schroeder’s bare genitals on full display.

Apartments close to where the crime occurred

One neighbour told authorities that Schroeder’s sexual organs were exposed as he stalked around her parked vehicle, continuing to expose himself as he exited the car park onto a nearby road.

Authorities report that the teacher reappeared in public a short while later, fully nude. Surveillance video captured by a neighbour around midnight reportedly shows him walking around the apartment complex stark naked.

Schroeder is said to have been holding and rubbing his exposed genitals on the railing of the condominium’s stairs, before shocking witnesses by thrusting his hips against a pillar of the apartment. It appeared as if he was performing sex with the building.

He was booked into Pinellas County Jail at around 9 p.m. on the October 27, facing one count of “exposure of sexual organs,” according to the Sheriff’s office. He has since been released on a $150 bond.

Schroeder’s reasoning for his acts is still unknown, allegedly telling police officers: “I cannot explain it.”

(Daily Star)

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