Bloodthirsty lion mauls 3-year-old Indian boy to death leaving behind only his head and legs

Tragedy struck in Savarkundla, India, after a boy has been tragically mauled to death by a hungry lion which left behind only his head and legs.

Little three-year-old Nitin Rakeshbhai Mehda became a meal for a big cat in front of his family at a farm in Ghanshyam Nagar in Savarkundla, India.

Emergency services were hurriedly called to track the toddler down after he was snatched by a lion before loved ones in Satishbhai Laljibhai Suhagiya.

An investigation was launched by the local forest department to recover Nitin from wherever the killer beast dumped him but horrifically not all his remains were found.

Nitin’s torso and arms are yet to be unearthed, leading to fears the lion feasted on his helpless body.

Attempts to capture the beast responsible are now underway with forest workers laying traps, which as of Friday evening were yet to prove fruitful.

In Missouri, US, an Amazon delivery driver was found dead after he was attacked by animals on Monday night, according to officials.

Police deputies had found two boisterous dogs near the victim’s body with officers forced to shoot one of the dogs, which made its way into the house, entering through a dog door.

(Daily Star)

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