Surveillance camera captures shocking moment 77-year-old retired soldier shoots and kills his grandson after a scuffle (Video)

A heart-stopping CCTV footage has surfaced online showing the moment a grandfather shot and killed his grandson after a violent dispute said to be related to debt issue.

The incident which took place on Monday afternoon showed the moment Domingo Verna, 77, fired five shots at Brian Verna, 29, as he stood behind the front door of his residence in the Argentine port city of Bahía Blanca Monday afternoon.

An autopsy report showed that Brian Serna was shot in the abdomen, chest, neck, cheek and shoulder.

Domingo Verna’s daughter who is also the mother of his victim Brian alleged that her father is a domestic abuser who once beat her while she was pregnant.

The retired military veteran appeared in court on Wednesday and was released from prison.

The magistrate took into account “the punishment imposed by the law for this crime and the advanced age of the suspect.”

Bahía Blanca’s prosecutor Chris Long told Argentina’s news station Todo Noticias that the grandfather could have done more to prevent the murder and dismissed the shooting as a defensive tactic.

“He could have engaged in a completely different activity, such as calling 911, calling the police, or calling a neighbor, instead of running the barrel of his revolver completely into his grandson’s body,” Long said.

Footage from the frenetic events shows Brian Verna attacking his grandfather while his girlfriend, Aldana Soria, was dragged through the floor and clung to his legs in an attempt to stop him.

Brian Verna waved a broomstick at his Domingo Verna and managed to break free from Soria before hitting him repeatedly.

Soria then ran forward and was able to restrain her friend.

Brian Verna came back a few hours later and started kicking in the door. His grandfather opened the door after the fourth attempt and shot him, causing him to fall over a row of plants.

Domingo Verna walked out of the house and began talking to his wife Marta Verna before their daughter Mariel Verna ran out of her house to find her son on the floor.

Mariel Verna told Telefe Rosario that her father had a history of stalking her son and that the murder was premeditated because he locked the door to the residence.

“Brian was harassed by his grandfather, I’m sure. I experienced it Thursday (9 June). Monday was the third time he waited through the (surveillance) cameras to attack him, to claim him who knows how much money he owes him,” she said. “It was all masochism and masochism of ‘you owe me the money’ and with interest.”

Mariel Serna revealed that her son Brian Verna had suffered from mental illness since she was six and was on medication throughout his teenage years, but that once he reached the adult stage, he stopped taking his medication.

She said her son was diagnosed with a mental illness at age six. He was treated by a neurologist in Buenos Aires before moving to Bahía Blanca, where treatment continued into his teens.


Mariel Verna said her parents always rejected that he was struggling with a mental illness and that they would not give him the medication if they were taking care of him.

“My parents withdrew his medication because they didn’t think he needed it,” explains Verna. “The mistake of my son being like that was all mine. They always blamed me for it and they never assumed he was mentally ill.”

She told Todo Noticias that her father had beaten both her mother and her and her siblings in the past. She said he hit her once while she was pregnant.

She acknowledged that Brian Verna had stopped taking his meds two months ago and couldn’t force him to do so because he was an adult. She said she had to call the police several times because of his aggressiveness towards her.

Her son and her father both worked in the city parks department. She said Brian Verna sought a transfer to another parks department, but her father intervened so that her son could “continue to work under his command.”

“My father didn’t say a word to me. I heard with my own eyes how he shot him at close range,” said Mariel Verna. “The girlfriend grabbed him so he wouldn’t go… (he) dragged her along. My son left the bike on the terrace, he hurt himself not to hit my father.’



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