Woman allegedly cuts off boyfriend’s genitals after stabbing him and a friend to death

A mother allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s genitals after stabbing him and his friend to death.

Jasmine Everleigh, 44, is accused of murdering Samir Esbeck, 59, and Sarkis Abboud, 61, in a Brunswick apartment in Melbourne, Australia, at 5:20am on Thursday, May 5.

Everleigh was in a relationship with Mr. Esbeck for 10 years before she allegedly killed him in a brutal knife attack.

Esbeck was said to have been stabbed and had his genitals severed before he died at the scene while his friend, Mr. Abboud, died while being rushed to hospital.

Jasmine Everleigh, 44, is accused of stabbing Samir Esbeck, 59 (pictured), and his friend Sarkis Abboud, 61, at a Brunswick apartment, in Melbourne, at 5.20am on Thursday (May 5)

Everleigh was arrested on a nearby tram, taken to hospital, and later charged with two counts of murder.

Security footage from several stores filmed a shirtless Everleigh walking down the street with a shirt wrapped around his left hand after the alleged stabbing.

She ran through numerous dark streets and alleys in shoes that were allegedly covered in blood.

Police said Everleigh left a 1.5-kilometre trail of blood along several roads and a children’s playground.

She was arrested on a streetcar in nearby Carlton and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

“She is receiving medical treatment at the hospital,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Mick Frewen said Thursday.

Homicide detectives launched an investigation by cordoning off the apartment following the suspected double stabbing.

Mr Esbeck’s friend Sarkis Abboud (pictured) died while he was being transported by paramedics to hospital

There were traces of blood on the pavement around the area where the stabbing occurred, but police are not looking for anyone else involved.

The streetcar the woman was arrested on was forensically examined, while officers were also seen combing nearby Breese Street for clues on Thursday.

Everleigh was filmed wandering the streets allegedly covered in blood and wearing a bra following the incident

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Mick Frewen said there were multiple sites involved in the incident that would be investigated.

(With report from Daily Mail)


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