Trending! University Students Read In Unusual Ways To Get Unusual Results

They say when you go extra mile to do unusual things you get unusual results.

Recall that we brought you a story of a young man in a State University in South Eastern Nigeria who climbed a tree to read because he was told to study above others so he can have “A” grade in all his courses.

Nothing like cool breeze blowing your notes directly into your brains

Well, as second semester exams are about to commence, that unusual study habit seems to be trending in that institution as various students are beginning to read in bizarre manners so they can have unusually high grades.

The higher you get the higher you achieve

Trending photos show students reading in different strange places where they feel they are in touch with nature so what they are reading will sink into their brains naturally. We heard that some others are reading in manners no one has ever read so they can have grades no one has ever had in that course.

See more photos;

The farm provides great atmosphere for serious study

Why not try reading with those who cannot disturb you with stories; quiet neighbours; just make sure you don’t go there while they’re hungry
Drawing “fire brand” inspiration from firewood while reading is not a bad way to get an “A” grade.
What kind of inspiration do you get reading by the gutter? This could be a big secret.

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