Varsity Lecturer And His Students Storm Class As Scary Zombie Characters

If you walk into this class without prior knowledge of what was scheduled, you’ll definitely freak out.

This is a bit weird but a lecturer and his students decided to take classroom teaching to another level.

The Lecturer

The unnamed lecturer in the department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), formerly Anambra State University. had a lecture on the role of costumes/makeup in communication, especially movies and stage performances. He decided to have what he called a “Zombie Quiz” where every student was required to prepare costume /makeup that would ‘transform’ them into a ‘zombie’ in class. You are to walk in with your own materials and put up the show as part of the quiz.

. . . and suddenly, the entire class “turned”.

The lecturer also wore a Zombie mask with blood dropping from his mouth and tattered clothes to ensure that students understood how serious the quiz was.

See more photos;

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  1. Emenike Sandra chinelo

    Am proud to be part of this history ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Umeobi Juliet Odinaka

    it was really fun.

  3. Muotolum Victoria

    Lol I could barely recognize some of those faces

  4. Muotolum Victoria

    Nice thesis

  5. Iloegbunam Lynda Oluchukwu

    And that lecturer is typical example of a leader, which says that leaders lead by exam. And I’m thinking that he’s the better man Nigeria needs as president so that he can reconstruct this messy nation call Nigeria. Kudos to the lecturer…

  6. chikaogwu chioma kevina

    Am seriously happy to be part of this … Dr we really appreciate your efforts sir

  7. Indeed it was really fun.odike

  8. ugbagu Nneka Augustina

    it was fun

  9. Okeke Augustina.c

    That’s really impressive besides education is not only about learning books its also involves being creative.

  10. Udemba Chikodili

    Am happy to be part of it. It was really fun

  11. Udemba Chikodili

    Am happy to be part of it. it was really fun.

  12. Umeugo Vivian Ifunanya

    Wow… What a creativity! Nice One Doc.. I’m so privileged to take part in dis

  13. It was really interested..
    Kudos to u guys.

  14. it was fun…we made history

  15. Benjamin David chibueze

    it was fun….we made history

  16. Scary, funny but insightful!!

  17. Good….
    Taking education to another level

  18. umeh blessing chinelo

    mass communication we die here

  19. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    It was really amazing and we all enjoyed the quiz. We want to thank you Dr. for your creativity and making us partake in it. May God strengthen you more and more. Amen

  20. Nwangene onyem c

    I feel really happy to be part of this.

  21. Ebeagwu chinonye j

    It’s such a pleasure to be part of this lecture

  22. Ebeagwu chinonye j

    Its such a pleasure to be part of this

  23. I want to get to instablog ooooo with this zombie quiz costume…..

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