Teacher Turns Classroom Into Pink Hello Kitty Paradise Using Her Own Money

Pink Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character among children across the world. A primary school teacher decided to express her love for children and her profession by recreating that cartoon character’s paradise in her classroom. Photos of what she did were uploaded on Facebook and within minutes, they went viral. Here’s the story.

Samelyn Lafuente is now an internet sensation. She is a young primary school teacher from Masbate City, in the Philippines, who spent the last three years turning a bland classroom into a little girl’s real-life fantasy, decked in pink and full of Hello Kitty-themed decorations.

When you walk into Samelyn Lafuente’s classroom, you would be tempted to think that it’s an obsessed Hello Kitty fan’s shrine to the popular Japanese character. The floor is covered with a Hello Kitty-themed carpet, the walls are all pink, as are the school desks, and there are Hello Kitty decorations everywhere, hanging from the ceiling, plastered on the walls and even in the windows, writes Oddity Central.

Ms. Lafuente’s plan was to create a place where her students would be happy and enjoy their time at school. Now parents of little girls in her class must be struggling to pull their kids away from this real-life fantasy in pink every day whenever school dismisses. The kids will definitely want to remain in that class all day long.

Photos of this pink Hello Kitty classroom were shared on Facebook by Glay Franco Bacolod, and quickly went viral in several Asian countries, including in China. People are praising Samelyn Lafuente for going above and beyond to ensure the happiness of her young students, even if it meant paying for everything out of her own pocket.

Pink Hello Kitty character
Photo: Glay Franco Bacolod/Facebook

The teacher said that almost all the decorations in her unique classroom were bought with her own money, but that seeing the happiness in the children’s eyes every day makes it all worth it.

What a creative way to make students love school.





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