Viral Video: Belgian Man Learns How To Dance At An Indian Wedding, Stuns With His Moves

A content creator from Belgium named Ed People, recently shared a video where he learned the favourite dance moves of guests at an Indian wedding. The results are pretty amazing, to say the least.

He simply captioned the video, ”Indian Wedding.”  The clip opens to show a text insert that reads, “Can you teach me your favourite dance move? Indian wedding.”

In the video, he can be seen standing with wedding guests who teach him different dance moves and poses that are popular at Indian weddings. And he aces them and how! As the video progresses, he can be seen dancing his heart out and enjoying himself thoroughly.

The video has received more than 3.4 lakh views since being shared, and more than 23,000 likes. The comment section was full of heart and love emojis, with people showering love on him. Many also said that it’s nice to see people from other countries appreciating and embracing Indian culture.

One user wrote, ”Bro went to learn dance moves. Ended up forgetting about it and enjoyed the wedding.” Another commented, ”Bro welcome to India! You are going to have the best time of your life.” A third said, ”A real-life Bollywood film, looks like everyone had the time of their lives.”

A fourth added, ”This made me smile. Thank you so much.” Yet another said, ”He is having the time of his life..and the best part is he hasn’t even reached the famous “Naagin” move yet.” Another reiterated the same saying, ”Me waiting for naagin dance with handkerchief.”



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