Wife batters husband to death then gets her butcher sons to chop up his corpse and spread around town

A woman in Argentina is currently in police net after admitting to beating her husband to death and then asking her butcher sons to cut his corpse to pieces and spread around town.

The woman claimed she did it because the man sexually abused their daughter.

Binmen found two lower legs with the feet still attached in a rubbish bag on a pile of trash in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, on Thursday, June 9

Police were called and later found the dead man’s head in a bucket of cement in a stream.

Officers tracked down suspect Laura Marcela Campos after studying recent missing person cases.

Campos, 47, admitted that she had beaten her husband Daniel Tomas Silvero, 56, to death during a violent row.

She told police he was abusing her teenage daughter and, as reported by local media, Silvero was facing a 2019 case of allegedly raping the girl as a 12-year-old.

It was also gathered that Silvero had also allegedly been reported to the police for sexually abusing his own biological daughter – name not reported – in 2010.

After killing him, his wife got her two sons to hack his body into pieces before they hid his body parts around town.

The gruesome murder story began to emerge after one of the victim’s daughters from a previous relationship who was identified in local media as Milagros, had reported her father missing after getting a strange message sent from his mobile phone.

The message, which was unusually full of spelling mistakes, told her he was going to move house and change his phone number and not to look for him.

Milagros also told police that her father had earlier sent a letter to his first family, warning them that if something happened to him, they should look for him at his current home.

The last time he had been seen alive was the previous Wednesday, June 1.

At the time, Campos claimed he had failed to return from a day out fishing.

Another daughter, Daniela, said her father would visit his former family every other day and that he often complain that his current wife would beat him and take his money.

Cops arrested Campos and her two sons, aged 27 and 21, on Friday, June 10.

When questioned by prosecutor Marcela Juan on Saturday, Campos admitted her guilt and claimed her late husband was a violent abuser.

She added that she was unable to leave her daughter alone with him and that at least one of her sons had to be present when she had to be away from her.


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