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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband attacked by hammer wielding assailant during home break-in

The husband of United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been “violently assaulted” in their home in San Francisco, according to her office. A spokesman for the number 3 US politician said the attack took place on Friday morning, October 28 and the assailant is now in custody, adding that …

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Father allegedly beats his 2-month-old son with hanger for disturbing his sleep, breaks the baby’s arm leading to amputation (Photos)

A Nigerian man is currently in trouble after he reportedly beat his 2-month old son with a hanger for disturbing his sleep, leaving the baby with injuries that led to amputation of his hand. The incident happened in Imo State, South East Nigeria. The National Human Right Commission (NHRC) and …

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‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ shows real face for first time after release from jail

The woman who went viral for her selfies looking like a “zombie” Angelina Jolie has shown her real face to fans for the first time following her release from prison. Iranian Sahar Tabar was arrested in October 2019 for “corruption” and “blasphemy”, and served 14 months of a 10-year prison sentence before being …

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Married man destroys Range Rover he bought for his side chick at a popular nightclub in Ikoyi for ‘cheating’ on him (video)

A married man caused a scene at a Lagos Night club when he destroyed a Range Rover he supposedly bought for his side-chick after she allegedly cheated on him. A video from the incident which happened over the weekend at a popular club in Ikoyi, shows the damaged Range Rover. The …

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Protesters and security forces clash in Iran as thousands gather at Mahsa Amini’s grave 40 days after she was killed by morality police for not wearing hijab properly (Video)

Clashes broke out throughout Iran on Wednesday, October 26, as thousands of people came to the burial site of Mahsa Amini in Saqqez, a city in the Kurdistan province, to mark 40 days since her death. Protests have swept through the Islamic Republic following the death of the 22-year-old Kurdish …

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