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Saxon is a prolific writer with passion for the unusual. I believe the bizarre world is always exciting so keeping you up to date with such stories is my pleasure

Activist claims Arkansas sheriff’s office is dressing inmates in Nike shirts for their mug shots

An activist has raised concerns over photos of inmates wearing Nike shirt, insisting that the Prison authorities was forcing people to wear the shirt. The activist’s claims that inmates were being made to wear Nike shirts in their mug shots has the sheriff’s office in Union County, Arkansas, on the …

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See The Most Expensive Secondary School In The World Where Students Pay N41 Million Tuition Annually! You Won’t Believe The Facilities They Have

The school is in Switzerland. It is called Institut Le Rosey. This is the most expensive boarding school in the world. Note this: it is a secondary school (high school or college depending on where you’re reading this from). Each student pays 108,900 Swiss francs (about £87,300; about N41,499,000) a …

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Man Inserts 8-Inch Knife Into His Head So He Can Breathe Better (Watch Unbelievable Video)

A Russian man who chose an unbelievably bizarre therapy to improve his breathing has miraculously survived. Yury Zhokhov, a 41-year-old factory worker from Donetsk inserted an 8-inch knife into his head when he felt he could not breathe better through his nose. The man told police that he was trying to …

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