Woman Poisons Dozens of Guests At Housewarming Party While Trying To Kill Family Who Made Fun Of Her Cooking

Tragedy struck in Khalapur, India, after a woman poisoned dozens of guests at a relatives housewarming party with snake poison while attempting to kill some people at the venue, including her husband, who made fun of her dark completion and cooking skills. The woman, 23-year-old Pradnya Survase, is risking the death penalty …

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Chinese Restaurant Employs Pretty Crayfish Peelers So That Customers Would Not Get Their Hands Dirty

A restaurant in Shanghai, China, is making headlines for adopting an innovation in the business. The restaurant employed two crayfish peelers to do the dirty work of removing the crayfish shells while customers browsed social media or played online video game. The two young ladies employed for this purpose peel …

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