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See The Stunning Art Works of “Needle Man”, The World’s Only Sewing Machine Painter

This is an amazing feat – the only man who can paint with a sewing machine in the world. This must be a painstaking task. Arun Kumar Bajaj amazing skill is technically embroidering, not painting, but his artworks are so incredibly detailed that they could pass as hyper-realistic paintings to the untrained eye. …

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Mexicans Attending Russia 2018 World Cup Bring Life-Size Cardboard Picture Of Friend Whose Wife Refused To Let Him Go

A group of Mexican fans are currently trending on social media for posting pictures of themselves in Russia with a life-size cutout of their friend, Javier, whose wife refused to give him permission to travel for the 2018 World Cup. The friends insisted that they must be in Russia with …

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Russia 2018! Hilarious Video Of How Russia Taught Workers How To Smile To Look Nice Visitors

Russians are generally seen as mean-faced, unfriendly people probably because their leader, Vladimir Putin is himself a stone-faced, no-nonsense World leader. But organisers of the 2018 World are not taking any chances at all. They do not want to argue whether or not it is true that Russians are stone-faced. …

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