See Most Expensive Designer Handcuff That Costs N23 Million, It’s A Gucci Brand

There seems to be class in everything including the unbelievable. We are talking about handcuffs used to restrain criminals. Yes, this one is about the most expensive handcuff in the World! It costs $65,000 (about N23,400000).

Gucci brands are among the best designer brands in the world.

The silver-plated cuffs were made during the time when Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani was sentenced to a 29-year prison term for hiring a hitman to kill her husband, Maurizio Gucci, also the grandson of Gucci Founder, Guccio Gucci. Reports have it that the pair of cuffs was made as a message to assert the house’s resilience, evoking the lore of Italian organizations and The Godfather.

The cuffs were displayed at Gucci’s flagship shop in Florence and it formed part of artist Sylvie Fleury’s creations. Grailed listed the price at US $65,000.

Wow! I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having this on your wrists.


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