See Japanese Gadget That Tells You How Badly You Stink

Technology has taken personal hygiene to another level.

A high-tech device which tells you when you have started  stinking has been manufactured in Japan.

Japanese wellness device maker Tanita has just unveiled its newest creation, a handheld smell checker that analyzes body odor and ranks its intensity on a scale of 1 to 10.

Tanita’s smell-sensing device which is called ES-100 was inspired by the company’s range of alcohol breath analyzers. They basically adapted their technology to check for odor-producing particulate matter instead of alcohol and the ES-100 was born.

When you flip it open and point the built-in sensor toward the problematic areas of your body, it reportedly takes about 10 seconds for the handheld device to collect and analyze data, after which it will display a numerical result on its small LED display. 0 means you don’t smell, 1 to 4 are acceptable levels of body odor, 5 to 9 should really have you concerned, and 10 means you must be a walking corpse.

Interestingly, the Tanita ES-100 doesn’t work just for naturally occurring body odor, but also for cologne.

This product was commercially launched onThe 1st of July.

What a nice way to detect body odour and ensure you smell good always.

Source: IT Media via SoraNews24

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