See Celebrity Massage Therapist Who Bites Her Clients To Promote Blood Circulation, Relax Her Patients

A professional massage therapist based in New York, Dorothy Stein, is popular for adopting a strange technique in relaxing her patients while massaging them.

Dorothy Stein popularly known as Dr. Dot, is known as the back-biting masseuse because one of her controversial techniques involves sinking her teeth into her clients to “tenderise” their muscle and promote blood circulation. Masseuse means professional female massage therapist.

According to the woman, whose nickname, Dr. Dot, was given her by a rock legend Frank Zappa in the 80’s, when she used to massage bands just to get into shows. Among beloved music stars that have all found themselves on the end of her bite are Oasis, Sting, the late David Bowie, The Stone Roses, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love.

Dr. Dot says she was encouraged to use her teeth as a massage tool by her mother, at a very young age. She was only five when her mom asked her to give her a massage for the first time. However, her hands weren’t strong enough at the time, so her mother asked her to bite her instead. It apparently worked, because over four decades later, Dorothy Stein is still using her chompers to tenderise her clients’ muscles and promote blood circulation.

According to, Dr Dot has not clean up the body of her clients before taken a bite as she says she has seen and smelt it all. I’ve seen it all and smelt it all.’

She also says sometimes when she is biting gently all over her clients they sometimes get aroused but she ignores that and continues her job. She concentrates her biting on the client’s back, but sometimes moves down to the buttocks.

“Some people get aroused, yeah,” says Dr Dot, “it’s a normal bodily function. Women get erect nipples, men get erect willies. But I don’t go, ‘Wow! You just pitched a big tent, let’s go!’ I just ignore it, or sometimes I’ll throw extra towels on it!”

After the massage, Dr. Dot pulls her clients’ hair which she says is also a good way of increasing blood flow and circulation, including enhancing hair growth.



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