‘Civilized’ Alligator Uses Zebra Crossing To Cross Road In South Carolina (Video)

An alligator took the part of a ‘gentleman’s by crossing a road n South Carolina, United States of America using the Zebra Crossing or Crosswalk sign.

Jimmy Card who resides in Pawleys Island posted a video to Facebook showing the alligator crossing a road at Huntington State Park.

The video shows the gator obeying the rules of the road by using the crosswalk.
In the video the reptile is seen successfully arriving at the other side of the road.
The video has since gone viral.

With reports from UPI

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  1. Wow, highly civilized indeed, this is what you get when a country is highly organized and managed well by good leaders, even animals obey orders… By the way, does Animals walk freely like this on the streets of US

  2. Alagbogu Chinazom

    Amazing. yes animals do obey rules depending on how it was trained

  3. In part of the world where I come from human beings never obey rules n regulations finish na animals….interesting though

  4. wow!!! that’s great…… never see something like this before

  5. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    The animal must have been trained to have behaved this way!

  6. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Civilized indeed!!!

  7. I think is because of the proper training that’s why the animal was able to obey the instructions

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