Company Sells Alcoholic Ice Cream That Can Get You Drunk

If you see this and buy it as the usual ice cream you are in for a surprise! Take it more than one and you get drunk. In fact, the alcoholic content of this ice cream is so strong that even one can get you drunk.

Alcoholic ice creams have been around for a while but they don’t even get you tipsy, not to talk of getting you drunk. You just feel a slight taste of alcohol flavour when you lick them.

But this one can actually get you drunk.

Buzz Pop Cocktails, a range of gourmet Italian sorbets have the strange feature of getting consumers drunk.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are made from fresh fruits and premium liquors, but what really sets them apart from other boozy frozen treats is the alcohol content. While most so-called alcoholic ice-creams have an alcohol content comparable to beer – around 4.5% ABV – Buzz Pop Cocktails are three times stronger, at 15% ABV, which means one is probably enough to get your head buzzing. They come in packs of eight, so you can get yourself hammered on ice-cream, although it will cost you.

This ice cream could prove more expensive that ordinary booze. An eight-pack of Buzz Pop Cocktails will set you back $99.99, and if you want them delivered to your door, you’ll have to cough up an extra $34.95 for shipping. This might not matter because you’ll probably forget about all the money you burned after just a few licks.

The company behind Buzz Pop Cocktails is based in Las Vegas – somehow, that makes sense – but you can find the frozen treats at restaurants and shops around the country, and they’re also available for order online.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are currently available in eight delicious flavors – Pink Paradise, Southern Belle, Blueberry Mania, Mango Passion Fruit, Caribbean Breeze, Moscow Mule, Watermelon Patch, and Lemon Drop Martini – but the company claims to have a total of 75 flavors in rotation throughout the year.

This ice cream is low in calories too. Each Buzz Pop Cocktail reportedly has just 100 calories. Lots of booze and low-calorie content? What’s not to like?

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