Dozens Of Cows Run Free On Highway As Truck Carrying Them Overturns

It was a tragic experience for cows being transported by a truck as they wear accidentally let loose after the truck tumbled on the highway.

The truck was carrying 89 cows and when it tumbled, they were running around on the highway and 11 of them died after they were hit by oncoming vehicles.

The incident happened in Georgia, USA.

At least 11 cows were killed in Georgia last Monday after the cattle truck overturned on Interstate-285, wreaking havoc among drivers and the authorities who tried to wrangle them.
Around 5 a.m., police in Sandy Springs tweeted that cows were loose on the highway, and that they were shutting down traffic in the area “until we get them contained.”
The truck, which was traveling from Florida to northwest Georgia, was carrying 89 cows, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It tipped as it was moving eastbound toward Interstate-75 in Cobb County.

“Several cows” were hit by oncoming drivers, authorities said, and ultimately 11 died. Police tweeted they were searching for one “rogue cow” running free, but it was captured just after 4 p.m.

Via Fox News

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  1. Paul Vanessa chiamaka

    It’s a pity

  2. Nwangene onyem c

    This is tragic, even though they are animals they don’t deserve to go this way.

  3. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Awwww i feel like crying now what a tragedy

  4. Thank God say person no die, na only cow

  5. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    What a loss! See now good quantity of meat is now wasted.

  6. Too bad

  7. Muotolum Victoria

    Too bad

  8. Hmmm….this is more than risky, thank God nobody died

  9. Umeugo Vivian Ifunanya

    Too bad! But is still more better to humans!

  10. Nwabugwu Sandra Ijeoma

    And cow meat is costly now chai

  11. Udemba Chikodili

    Too bad sha

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