Mail Error Floods US TV Station’s Office Requesting for Snacks

A single error can bring you national embarrassment as this TV station has just experienced.

A North Carolina-based TV station WBTV, has received thousands of requests for snacks from journalists across the US after one of their staff members accidentally tweeted that their office had some to offer.

David Hodges, a journalist with the TV station had tweeted about a hilarious incident which had to do with a stash of Little Debbie snacks in the office kitchen.

According to the post, an employee “accidentally” emailed all newsrooms in the country, telling them about the snacks inventory. What followed next was a barrage of responses from offices around America all making only one demand: they want a portion of the snacks in their office kitchens too.

The tweet read, “Someone in our company accidentally emailed every newsroom nationwide saying they had Little Debbie snacks in the kitchen.” He added, “Now, every station is responding saying they want some and my email won’t stop pinging.”

Mr Hodges posted a follow-up tweet on this issue where he mentioned two points about the emails that were sent to the newsrooms. He wrote, “Not enough mentions of star cakes and zebra cakes in the replies.” The second point read, “If you work in said company and didn’t get the email…It was literally sent to an address called all newsrooms. So that’s on you.”

Other journalists across the country played along and looded the comment section with their hilarious replies. One of them complained, “Why didn’t I get it? Truly disappointed.” To this, Mr Hodges said, “Outrageous that national is not on that email. But you wouldn’t feel that way if you were notified of all the replies.”

Another journalist wrote, “I don’t know if I should feel offended that I didn’t receive this message.” Giving us a sneak peek into the newsrooms and how they deal with office snacks, Mr Hodges replied to the comment on a funny note. It read “Every newsroom has someone they remove from the notifications about snacks because of…prior offences.”

These office snacks have surely made some buzz across American newsrooms.

(With reports from NDTV)


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