Superb! 5-Month-Old Holds Plank While Working Out With Mother (Viral video)

This is beyond what you expect a toddler to do but this five-month-old child is stunning the internet in an amazing way.

A video is making the rounds on social media showing a five-month-old boy working out with his mother in an impressive way.

The footage shows the toddler copying his mother as she works out. Something special then happens s short while later. The toddler is seen repeating his mother’s workout but this time he was holding plank like a pro. This is something unbelievable if not captured on camera.

The video was shared by Fitstagram Michelle on May 19 on Instagram with the caption, “My 5-month-old is learning some new things.”

Michelle is a fitness trainer by profession. This video has attracted over 32 million views and more than three million likes since being posted.

There are several wonderful remarks on the post shared by viewers.

One user said, “OMG this is amazing.”

“Look at his form!! Impressive,” another user wrote.

“Oh, my I’ve never seen this before!! Amazing,” a third user commented.

The fitness trainer, Michelle, has over 52,000 followers on Instagram. She shares videos of her workouts and activities on a daily basis.


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