Man Divorces Wife After Seeing Her With Another Guy On Google Map Street View

While technology is taking life to a commendable height, a Peruvian woman may not be happy with where that has taken her marriage.

The woman who has since become a divorcee after being seen in a compromising position, cuddling up to another man on Google Street View.

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Picture: Google Maps/ Screengrab

Though this incident took place way back in 2013 at Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco in Lima, Peru, the story has remained ever fresh especially to people who should see it as a lesson in this era of technology.

The image, which is still on Google, shows a woman sitting on a bench with a man lying down next to her with his head rested on her lap.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman’s now ex-husband recognised the clothes that she was wearing and eventually realised it was her.

The unnamed couple later divorced after she was confronted about her adultery, which she confessed to.

The husband later shared the images on Facebook where the woman was berated for her dishonesty.

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