Man Makes Designer Unisex Skirts, Vows To Make Skirts Popular Among Men Again (VIDEO)

This may be one of the most bizarre fashion stories you’ll be getting for a long time. A Minessota man who has been designing unisex skirts since 2015 has insisted that he would make the skirts popular again.

Joe Quarion first put on a skirt in 2013, for an ultimate Frisbee match. He found them comfortable before wandering why men were not wearing skirts. He had bought his first skirt from second-hand store Savers for that Frisbee match. But this time he decided to start making designer unisex skirts by himself and he is gradually succeeding in getting more people to accept and wear them as fashion.

He has already shipped over 400 skirts to customers in 21 countries. This is truly a sign that this designer unisex skirt is gradually penetrating the corners of the earth as acceptable fashion.

He believes that since skirts were worn by men in ancient times and they were found pleasing there’s no reason why that dress code should not resurface today.

Quarion embarked on research and found that skirts were actually a unisex clothing item up until around the first century A.D., when pants were adopted by men primarily because they were more practical for soldiers on horseback. With the invention of the internal combustion engine, the vast majority of people stopped relying on horses for transportation, but still skirts never made a comeback as a unisex garment.
Quarion argues this was because fashion stereotypes have exclusively associated skirts with women for centuries and this has made it difficult for men to adopt skirts as normal wears.

“Skirts are so gendered,” Joe Quarion told City Pages. “They’re literally the symbol for women on the bathroom door.”

The disappearance of skirts for men due to civilization did not discourage Quarion who then started making making the skirts by himself. He had been learning how to sew clothes so it wasn’t a problem for him. He also knew he had a virgin market because he had searched for male skirts without finish any in stores around. He finally came up with a particular design ‘Unaligned Skirt’which was made of heavy fabric. It is modern but also rugged and had deep pockets and belt loop.

Quarion posted some photos of his unisex skirt online and got generally positive feedback.
This was very encouraging to him.
In 2015, he started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for $11,500, and ended up raising over $16,000. That was the beginning of his company, Skirtcraft.

Quarion’s business plans are growing. He has so far sold around 450 of his unique skirts, mostly to like-minded men, and he recently concluded another successful Kickstarter campaign for a new style of unisex skirt, the Aqueous. His niche is still very small, but his clientele is very loyal and happy to have a place where they can buy skirts for themselves without getting funny or dirty looks. He believes the society is gradually accepting his fashion ideas.
“I think fashion-wise and culture-wise, we’re moving toward people not being as constrained,” the skirt designer said.

So guys what do you think? Are you coming on board? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Joe Quarion’s wakki fashion ideas a shot.

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