Man Steals 73 Wedding Gowns To Feel He Was Getting Married To Another Woman

Photo: Pudong police

A man known as ‘serial wedding gown thief’ has been arrested by police after he stole 73 wedding gowns because he wanted to feel he was getting married again.

The 50-year-old Chinese man was recently arrested by Shanghai police for allegedly stealing the gowns from various local sellers last year.

Shanghai police had received a report from a wedding dress wholesaler in the city’s Pudong New Area on August 21. The woman, surnamed Wang, claimed that dozens of her dresses had disappeared from her home since the beginning of this year. She added that losing one or two every month wasn’t unusual, but she decided to alert the authorities after eight gowns from her latest batch went missing.

Photo: Pudong police

Wang told the authorities that she often hung some of the dresses in her yard, and that’s where they seemed to be disappearing from. After checking security camera footage, police spotted a man climbed up Mrs. Wang’s fence using a long stick to pull the wedding gowns toward him. After identifying the man, they tracked him down to a village in Tangzhen, where they found an impressive stash of 73 wedding dresses worth a total of 60,000 yuan ($8,740).

Asked why he had been stealing wedding dresses, the divorced 50-year-old man surnamed Gu confessed that he just wanted to feel like he was getting married again, and had no intention of selling them for profit.

Photo: Pudong police

After checking his home, police found the eight dresses Wang had reported missing from her last batch, as well as others she had lost this year. Mr. Gu has been detained and will likely be charged with theft. Police told local media that the man had no history of mental illness.

Source: Shine

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  1. What an impression……we men self….

  2. 73 wedding gown just to feel like he is getting married again, he must have been depressed from his divorce .

  3. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    The man must be insane whatever his reasons will be for doing it

  4. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Chai!!! He must be missing his wife so much. My dear just calm down. Open your self to enter another relationship and avoid those things that caused the divorce

  5. This man is a case for goodness sake what will he be doing with seventy-three wedding gowns and he claims is not making profit out of it.

  6. Okere Favour Udochi

    This man has a psychological issue

  7. I hope he felt remarried after the stupid act…men sha

  8. Men o….the Lord is your strength oga

  9. Agina Gloria Ebele

    i think the man is still suffering from the trauma from his divorce

  10. This is stupidity. imagine, how come? stealing 73 wedding gowns ? is like the man is having mental problem!

  11. This one don’t have stealing techniques

  12. hmmmm the man is not okay and he needs help

  13. Lol, this is really funny, the man really need to do some checkup concerning mental disorder…….. lol

  14. lol, this is funny, the man really need to do some checkup concerning mental disorder….. lol

  15. Something must be wrong with this man. What does he want to do with seventy three wedding gowns.

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