On Camera: Narrow Escape For Biker Who Goes Under Bus

This would have been difficult to believe if not for the video evidence of the incident.

A man in Brazil came under a moving bus but managed to escape with only bruises.

A video of the incident circulating on social media shows his close shave with death.

In the CCTV footage, the bus and the biker – who was wearing a helmet – are seen moving towards each other on a curve. Before even making contact with the bus, the man skids, causing him to fly off the bike and fall under the bus. He comes in contact with the wheel of the bus, head first, just as the vehicle pulls to a complete stop.

In the next few seconds, the biker – evidently in a state of shock – is seen gingerly moving away from the wheel as the bus moves backward. He then turns over and lies on his back as passers-by rush to help.

The man is then helped out of the life-saving helmet and taken to the side of the road.

Watch video below;


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