“Rapping Doctor”! Unlicensed Surgeon Films Rap Videos While Operating On Unconscious Patients

A surgeon in USA, Dr. Windell Boutté, has become an internet sensation popularly known as “Rapping Doctor”for her style of recording herself dancing and rapping while carrying out surgery on unconscious patients.

The Atlanta-area dermatologist has this unusual habit of filming herself and her staff dancing and rapping during surgery, while also using their unconscious patients as props, and posting the videos online for promotional purposes.

Dr. Boutté promotes herself as the “#1 Female Plastic Surgeon in the Southeast” despite not being licensed by the Georgia’s medical board to perform surgery. But she is free to practice because the state allows any licensed physician to operate, so no legal issues with that.


The aspect of Boutté’s practice that worry’s colleagues is her unconventional marketing technique which consists of filming herself rapping and dancing to popular rap songs while operating on unconscious people and posting the videos on sites like YouTube. In the over 20 now-deleted videos on her account, patients are often shamelessly exposed despite never having given their consent to be used as props in the doctor’s amateur videos.

Another shocking videos shows Dr. Boutté literally cutting into the abdomen of one of her patients while dancing and rapping to the O.T. Genasis song “Cut It.” In another, she can be seen leaning over the exposed buttock of an unconscious patient while holds surgical instruments without gloves or surgical mask and proudly rapping her very own version of Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” — “My patients are bad and boujee. Building up fat in the booty.”

Sometimes, the Liburn dermatologist would even use her staff as back-up dancers while someone else filmed their whole routine.

Unfortunately, posting these tasteless promotional videos online is far from the worst that Dr. Windell Boutté is accused to have done to her patients. She has settled 5 malpractice cases in the last 6 months, and has 4 more pending. Maybe singing and dancing and also operating at the same time cannot rhyme.

To make matters worse, after news of her mid-surgery rapping and dancing went viral last week, nearly 100 other women have come forward to complain about Dr. Boutté’s work. Susan Witt, an attorney representing three of the dermatologist’s former patients, told CNN that she’s been having a hard time keeping up with the emails and phone calls from other patients wanting to complain about her work.

Both Dr. Windell Boutté and her lawyers have declined to comment on this issue, but the controversial videos have been deleted from her YouTube account. However, she continues to practice medicine at her office.

“She is still getting up and going to work every day and making a great deal of money, subjecting patients who are none the wiser to her unsafe practices,” Susan Witt told WSB-TV.

So why not leave medicine and go into the entertainment industry if that is your passion?


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