See Shopping Malls In China Where Lonely Female Shoppers Can Rent “Shopping Boyfriends” Just To Shop For An Hour

This could be described as an innovation in relationship or co-shopping.
Female shoppers in China who do not have boyfriends do not have to worry anymore as some Shopping malls have come up with an ingenious strategy to provide good companions for them while shopping.
A number of shopping malls in that country now offer attractive ‘shopping’ boyfriends that can be rented per hour at affordable rates.
What started as a clever promotion for March 8th, International Women’s Day, has apparently become a year-long strategy to attract female shoppers. Walking through mall galleries in Chinese cities like Hebei or Foshan, you’re likely to spot young, dapper men displayed in giant, doll box-like frames decorated with hearts. They are called ‘shopping boyfriends’ and they can be rented by the hour by lonely female shoppers looking for company. Rates start as low as 1 yuan ($0.15) per hour, up to 2 yuan ($0.30) in some shopping malls.

Shopping boyfriends not only accompany the women who rent them on their shopping sprees, but can also provide advice, carry bags, chat, have their picture taken with the client, and even join them for a drink or a bite to eat in the mall’s food court.

But contracts with the shopping boyfriends strictly forbid physical contact, so that girls expecting more than what is on offer will get disappointed.
Most of the shared boyfriends on display in Chinese shopping malls are university students working as part-time models in order to supplement their income.

Putting attractive men on display and making them available for rental at extremely affordable prices has apparently been generating a lot of interest among female shoppers, many of whom gather around the display to at least snap some photos.
But while some appreciate the company, others declared themselves disappointed by the experience, saying that shopping with a girlfriend is a much better experience, than doing it with a stranger, even a handsome one.

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  1. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    I don’t think this is a brilliant idea for me as a man. But I know the ladies will love this style.

  2. This is real madness, renting of boyfriend…nawa ohh!!
    China is at it again.

  3. Umeugo Vivian Ifunanya

    Hmmm! Dis is really hilarious o!

  4. Umeugo Vivian Ifunanya

    Hmmm! Dis is really hilarious oo!

  5. Okonkwo rosemary chikodi

    Girls should stop wasting their precious time and get themselves a boyfriend and this is serious madness

  6. This is hilarious

  7. Waoooo wish my galfriend would shop for me

  8. Iloegbunam Lynda Oluchukwu

    They should start this kind thing for naija ?? nah

  9. Nwangene onyem c

    This is fun u no, I like the idea of having a shopping boyfriend for just an hour

  10. Benjamin David chibueze

    wow…wish they could pick me…i need to shop

  11. Funny…is time they have…

  12. interesting..

  13. Umeobi Juliet Odinaka

    I don’t really know what whoever invented this style is passing through but you really have to talk to some one please…. STAY STRONG!

  14. umeh blessing chinelo

    nah pesin way no get work to do…

  15. Nweke Immaculata onyinyechi


  16. Emenike chinelo sandra

    Imagine having this in Nigeria ?????

  17. Emenike sandra chinelo

    Wow imagine this happening in Nigeria ???

  18. Udemba Chikodili

    Wow can’t wait for it to happen here in Nigeria.

  19. Nwabugwu Sandra Ijeoma

    Lolzzzz this is really serious nawa o nothing is everly impossible for China

  20. Ugbagu Nneka Augustina

    Hmm, for those that have such time

  21. October 7, 2018 at 12:05
    I think some girls would be shy to reveal their relationship status. It like a 25 year old lady renting a shopping boyfriend and its like she is shouting to the world ‘I have got no boyfriend’. Its wild, odd but I like the possible fun.

  22. Muotolum Victoria

    Ooooo chim o

  23. Nwafor Gift onyinye

    LWKMD….. but it’s making sense she but wait on after shopping what happens next?

  24. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Lolz this is serious

  25. Paul Vanessa chiamaka

    Lol crazy….this is actually very funny

  26. Paul Vanessa chiamaka

    Lol crazy….this is actually very funny

  27. Iferika Ogochukwu A

    This is a very good idea

  28. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Biko they should go and marry which one is renting boyfriend. It’s well with them

  29. This is odd but the guys have a huge advantage

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