The Most Expensive Kiss In The World Cost N126 Million, You Won’t Believe Why It Was Worth That Amount

Most times you see people giving kisses for various reasons. It could be because it feels good, to express some form of affection, gratitude, bonding, among others. These kisses are always given for free. But not this one given by Hollywood high-profile actor, George Clooney. It cost $350,000 (about N126,000000).

George Clooney

Now before you freak out let’s give you a clear picture about who gave the kiss. George Clooney is a Hollywood actor, voice actor, producer and director. He is one of the highest grossing Hollywood actors with over $1.9 Billion, with an average of about $61 million per film. So he is not an ordinary person. Kissing him is like a prayer request and an all-time miracle for some of his female fans.

In 2007, during a charity auction, one of the coordinators if the event said anyone who wanted a kiss from George Clooney should make a huge offer and get the kiss. He promised to ensure George Clooney did that. A business man dropped 175,000 Pounds ($350,000) and gave his wife the chance to kiss George Clooney.

 The $350,000 kiss given out by George Clooney is not just golden but a record breaker. The personality involved is a Hollywood god. So you see, kissing George Clooney is no child’s play. That was why a man paid such a whopping sum to have his wife kiss Clooney. The man was proud that his wife kissed Clooney and the woman was proud to kiss him; that’s a win-win situation for the couple. And guess what, she’ll ever love him for giving her such a rare gift – first for an opportunity to kiss George Clooney, secondly, at such an unbelievable cost.

The George Clooney kiss is still leading records of expensive kisses set at various occasions. In 2003, Joni Roney paid $50,000 to kiss Sharon Stone, at an event to raise money for HIV/AIDS research. The $50,000 kiss actually was widely recognized as the most expensive kiss in the world both on internet platforms and Guinness Book of Records and it was sold at an auction. In 2009, during a charity auction for a children’s nonprofit, Charlize Theron, a celebrity philanthropist wanted to outgive her colleagues at the event and offered to give a kiss to anyone who raised huge sum to support her. A woman popped out from the crowd and gave a kiss and smooch that lasted just about 20 seconds after dropping $140,000. In 2014, a 27-year-old married banker, Julian Bharti paid 50,000 British Pounds (about $88,000 and N31 million) to kiss 49-year-old Elizabeth Hurley for an Elton John Aids Foundation Fundraiser. Bharti’s wife, Christy, who was present at the event wasn’t bothered by the charitable kiss, reports


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