Woman Suddenly Finds Dead Lizard In Salad After Taking Few Bites

Carr holding the dead lizard found in the Salad she was eating (AP)

A woman may have eaten the worst salad in her life after realizing that the lettuce used in preparing the salad had a dead lizard in it. She realized this after taking a few bites off the salad.

The woman from Kittery, Maine, United States of America, says she realized after a couple of bites that her fork was stuck in a 3-inch lizard, minus the tail, reports AP.
After vomiting and getting over her shock, Michelle Carr, a nurse from Kittery, said she feared she could have ingested harmful bacteria. A biologist friend believes she found a blue-bellied lizard from California.

Carr said she bought a bag of store-brand romaine lettuce at a supermarket in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
The lettuce was distributed by a California company. A supermarket spokeswoman said it notified the supplier.
Carr also called the state Health Department. A spokesman said because the lettuce was packaged and shipped from another state, any investigation would be conducted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Via AP

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  1. Oh My God! This woman may never eat salad ever IN her life again

  2. Alagbogu Chinazom

    God! I feel like vomiting now

  3. This is strange….. that is more of the reasons we should becareful with what we eat

  4. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Eeeeewww! I feel like throwing up now.

  5. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace


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