Boyfriend ‘Strips Girlfriend Nak3d’, Flogs Her In The Presence Of His Friends For Cheating On Him (Viral video)

A young lady has shared a nightmarish experience she had in the hands of her boyfriend and his friends over allegations that she cheated on the boy.

The Nigerian lady simply identified as Aduke expressed her feelings on this incident on her Whatsapp status where she cried out for justice after her boyfriend identified as Fatai brought some of his friends together and they flogged her mercilessly. They claimed that she was cheating on him.

Aduke, a HND1 student of Bartholomew College of Health Shao, Kwara State, Nigeria, told her friends that the incident happened at Fatai’s residence.

Police has arrested the boys who flogged Aduke

It was gathered from her friends that Fatai had invited her to his house without giving her any hint of what he was about to do.

When she arrived at his home, she met some of his friends, all male, in his living room.

Suddenly he began to interrogate her, accusing her of engaging in hookups.

The boys who flogged Aduke were arrested in Fatai’s house

Things took a different turn when he and his friends forcefully grabbed her hands and legs and then he began to flog her with a cane.

At a point, he pulled her pant and flogged her bare butt. He had a change of heart and wore her pant back.

In the viral video of the incident Aduke and her accusers spoke in Yoruba language as she pleaded with them to no avail.

Aduke took to her Whatsapp status to share videos from the scene. The matter was reported to the police and Army and the boys were picked up. But friends are alleging that the matter might have been swept under the carpet.

Watch a video from the scene of the incident below.


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