Couple Who Have Been Looking For A Baby Told They’ve Been Having Sex The Wrong Way For Four Years

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A Chinese couple who have been desperate to have a child were shocked by a doctor who told them that they’ve been having sex the wrong way for four years.

The couple struggling to conceive were stunned by an eye-opening discovery by the doctor who examined them. The medic found that the wife was still a virgin despite four years of bedroom action. According to the Doctors findings, what the couple have been doing was analyzers sex; they never knew that was not the right way to have sex and get pregnant.
“The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24. They were very healthy, but, despite being married for four years, couldn’t conceive,” Guizhou province obstetrician Liu Hongmei told local paper Guiyang Evening Post. “Their family was giving them a lot of stress because of it.”
The woman told her doctor that sex was usually quite painful, which raised concerns about a gynecological disease. But upon examination, it was discovered that the wife was still a virgin. Hongmei credited her “experience” as a doctor for thinking to check the woman’s anus – confirming that the couple had mistakenly been having anal sex for years.
The couple, who are from Bijie city in China’s south-west, were each handed a sex-education handbook and some “guidelines” before they went home.

After some months, the woman finally got pregnant after an apparently more-successful attempt at sexual intercourse and the couple reportedly presented the doctor with a few chickens and 100 eggs as a thank-you gift.

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  1. It’s quite Unbelievable that people could be this naive, they should have gone for marriage counseling classes which is why sex education is very important

  2. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    Couples should ask questions and read books to be enlightened and avoid ignorance.

  3. They should read books nah…… this is modern world

  4. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Imagine that!

  5. Alagbogu Chinazom

    Couples should learn to go for marriage counseling

  6. Lol….. Chai in this dispensation??????….. through the Anus????? I don die!!!!!!!!

  7. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Imagine doing the right thing the wrong way. The couple need to be enlightened on such issues…

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