Fantastic Winning Images From Dog Photographer Of The Year Awards

This year’s Dog Photographer of The Year awards came with fantastic images.

Photographers from all over the world sent in their best images of our furry friends and the results are spectacular.

The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom has been putting on this competition since 2005. This year, it received more than 10,000 submissions from 70 countries. Some of them were truly outstanding. Check them out here.

  • Third Place
    “A Veteran’s Best Friend”
    Delta, white Swiss shepherd, New Zealand
    Dogs At Play
    <strong>First Place</strong><br>"I'll Catch You"<br>Lili, Pomeranian, Israel
    First Place
    “I’ll Catch You”
    Lili, Pomeranian, Israel
  • <strong>Second Place</strong><br>"Flying Free"<br>Heidi, merle Chihuahua, U.K.
    Second Place
    “Flying Free”
    Heidi, merle Chihuahua, U.K.

<strong>Third Place</strong><br>"Snowy Shenanigans"<br>Daffy, Taz and Wile E. (left to right); Nova Scotia duck tolling retri
Third Place
“Snowy Shenanigans”
Daffy, Taz and Wile E. (left to right); Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers; U.S.
Dogs At Work
<strong>First Place</strong><br>"Wayne&rsquo;s Team"<br> (Back row) Skye, age 13, lemon working cocker. (Front row) Jenny, ag
First Place
“Wayne’s Team”
(Back row) Skye, age 13, lemon working cocker. (Front row) Jenny, age 9, liver working cocker. Pippin, age 1, yellow retriever. Milly, age 4, black retriever. Bramble, age 6, lemon/white working cocker. Ember, age 3, yellow retriever. Bonnie, age 4, yellow/white working cocker. U.K.

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