German Scientists Ready To Pay 10,000 Euros If You Prove You Have Superpowers, No One Has Ever Won (Video)

Those who believe they can do things through fetish means and are intimidating people in remote villages now have a chance to prove themselves and win 10,000 Euros (about $10,700 and about N3, 852,000).


Photo: Juan Antonio Agraz Sandoval/Wikimedia Commons

The scientists are looking for those who think they have the power to move small objects around, especially using only the power of their brain, find water using a simple divining rod, or maybe just transmit thoughts telepathically.
The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences (GWUP) is a group of German physicists, biologists and psychologists who believe that people who claim to have super-powers like telekinesis, telepathy or divining abilities should not be dismissed as mere charlatans, but actually studied and allowed to prove their abilities in controlled laboratory conditions. Every year, they invite candidates to the University of Würzburg, in Würzburg, Germany, to show off their super-powers and potentially win a cool €10,000 prize. Over 60 people have been tested in recent years, but none of those invited have been able to claim the coveted prize.
“We’re not here to make people look ridiculous,” says Rainer Wolf, a perceptual researcher and the man who oversees the yearly tests at the University of Würzburg. “We just want to show that many such claims are nonsense.”

But just because the claims are nonsense doesn’t meant that the people making them are trying to be deceitful. Wolf and his psychologist colleagues in GWUP are convinced that most of the candidates actually believe they have these special abilities that science can’t yet explain. They are trapped in a belief system that they themselves have built over a long period of time and that means a lot to them.
They subconsciously forget all the failures and only seem to remember the times that their talents produced amazing results. But when it comes to actual testing, they always fail.

Rainer Wolf puts a lot of time and work into these super-power tests, trying to make them as fair as possible and minimize luck as much as possible. For example, last year, one of the candidates that showed up for testing claimed he had mastered telekinesis and could move small objects with the power of his mind. So Wolf had him move a small piece of paper that had previously been covered with a glass lid, so that wind or other air currents couldn’t interfere. The man tried to move the piece of paper for several hours before finally giving up.

Source: Oddity Central

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